Supplementary Info

This set of folding beds is made of 50×50 square tubes. The structure is very solid. The frame of the bed frame is made of high-quality solid birch. It has natural advantages and is not afraid of picky eyes. The thickness of each frame is as high as 1.2cm, which is thick without making the folding bed too heavy and affecting its opening and closing. All skeleton surfaces are polished by hand to ensure that the surface is burr-free and smooth and delicate. Folding beds are available in multiple sizes, including 0.9×2 meters, 1.2x2x2 meters, 1.5X2 meters, etc. There are also many choices in terms of color, please feel free to inquire with our customer service.


The opening and closing hardware of the folding bed uses high-quality two-stage power-assisted pneumatic rods to ensure that users can open the bed safely, stably, and smoothly. Our company also provides a 3-month quality guarantee. Our professional air cushioning rods have passed SGS quality certification and can be opened and closed 30,000 times without any problem. The process makes very little noise, creating a quiet and harmonious home. The cushioning air pressure rod also comes with a protective shell, which not only makes the appearance more beautiful, but also further extends the service life. Prevent children’s fingers from being pinched, giving you a safe and warm home.








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