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Have you ever thought that a small room can actually be a living room and a bedroom? The way is to buy a convertible bed. The bed is folded up and the sofa is exposed, which can be used for rest and enjoyment. When you get up, the bed is put down and it becomes a bedroom. The originally open-plan unit suddenly becomes a one-bedroom unit. The cabinets on the left and right sides of the transformable bed can be customized. If combined with a double-sided cabinet to separate a room, you can easily create an independent bedroom. If it is paired with a desk next to it, it will become a study room. How to match it depends on your idea. As long as you use your imagination, “anyone” can make a big difference in a small space and create a personalized living space.

Our company’s transforming beds put your safety and health first. We don’t make cheap furniture, we only make high-quality furniture. Therefore, the keel of our transforming bed is cast from industrial-grade steel. The keel is connected with a widened frame using a linkage shaft and the desk in front of the invisible bed, and automatically flips over to become the foot of the transforming bed. , we also use intelligent hydraulic buffering and thickened mechanical structural steel plates. There is only one reason why we focus on materials. We hope to bring customers not a deformable bed that breaks down after being used a few times, but a deformable bed that can be used for ten years without any repairs.


If you are also interested in customizing a transformable bed at home, please feel free to contact our customer service.


Transformable double bed


Transformable double bed





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