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A good convertible bed can help you create more space from your existing space. An originally ordinary living room can be transformed into a bedroom after placing a folding bed. Functional thoughtfulness and ease of use can create a warm home. Our folding beds have the following features:

✅The high-variability 18mm solid wood plywood is used, not the sugar cane board commonly used in cheap furniture stores. It will not deform even if it encounters water. It has a very strong load-bearing capacity and can be used for 20 years without any problem.

✅The board has high hardness and is resistant to high temperatures and heat. Wear and scratch resistant. There is an anti-fouling ceramic layer on the surface, which can be cleaned by just wiping it with a damp cloth.

✅Our deformed furniture can be customized to avoid skirting lines and be attached to the wall so that the upper, lower, left, and right spaces can be used up. It can also be designed as a built-in design to prevent dirt and evil practices. All will be edge-sealed to seal the gaps to prevent dust from entering.

✅The furniture on the left, right, and above the folding bed can also be freely designed. You can choose to match it with a desk, wardrobe, display cabinet, or even a wall cabinet, depending on your needs.

✅The internal partitions of each cabinet can be freely designed. If door panels are made, all door hinges will use hydraulic hinges with hydraulic buffer devices.


If you also need customized deformable furniture, please feel free to contact our customer service.


Folding bed plus sofa


Folding bed plus sofa


Folding bed plus sofa


Folding bed plus sofa




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