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MONTARA, a 2-bedroom, 1-living room unit in LOHAS PARK Phase 7A project in Sunrise, one is a children’s room and the other is a master room. The windows in the living room and room can overlook the sea view. We created a blue and white Greek style for our guests. Wind house style.

Entrance: shoe cabinet, shoe changing stool

The entrance area is not big, so we specially customized an ultra-thin shoe cabinet. The three-layer shoe cabinet can be placed diagonally to store outing shoes, and can hold about 10 pairs of shoes. The raised bottom of the shoe cabinet is convenient for slippers, and half-height shoes The height of the cabinet is just right for placing keys or small items like perfume when you get home. There is a one-meter-long platform box seat on the other side, which is similar to the shape of a deck. There are drawers below for storage, and there is also a shoe changing chair, which is convenient for sitting down, putting on and removing shoes, and it is a chair for two people. As for my personal dining chair.

Dining room: C-shaped cabinet, retractable dining table

The C-shaped cabinet next to it has many functions, including a wine cabinet, a storage cabinet and a sideboard. Unexpectedly, it also hides a 1.3-meter retractable dining table! For a small unit, it is not easy to find a place to place a dining table in the living and dining room. If you want to accommodate the space of the dining table, you may have to abandon the storage cabinet, so we customized a retractable dining table for the guest that can be stored in a C-shaped cabinet. , when you start eating, you only need to flip the panel to pull out the large dining table. It is very easy to operate and even children can help open the table. In addition to the floor box seats, we also reserved a space in the C-shaped cabinet for round stools or folding dining chairs, so that a few relatives and friends can sit comfortably when they come over to eat. The hollow space of the C-shaped cabinet is perfect for storing kettles, cups, fruit bowls, and snacks. It is convenient for daily use and does not take up space in the kitchen.

A space in the C-shaped cabinet is reserved for round stools or folding dining chairs. A few relatives and friends can sit comfortably when they come over to eat.

Living room: TV cabinet, background wall

A little further on is the TV cabinet and sofa. In order to retain good lighting, the TV cabinet adopts the form of “background wall + floor cabinet”, so that the sunlight will not be blocked, and the visual space will be more open. The characteristic white striped background wall matches the sky blue wall of the living room very well. When the sunshine outside the window shines in, does it remind people of the feeling of a sunny white house in Greece? The furniture in the living room is mainly white, combined with modern gray stone patterns and sky blue walls to create a comfortable and light home style.

Children’s room: “bed, desk + wardrobe” combination bed

In terms of bedrooms, the children’s room has a custom-made combination bed with “upper bed, lower desk + wardrobe”. The color matching design of the bed is eye-catching and will not go out of style easily. The modular bed has a large desk to take care of the children’s needs for growing up, studying and working in the future. There is a sliding board at the bottom of the desk, which can be used to widen the desk. Even if a computer is placed on the desk, there is still room for books, etc. The modular bed takes up the length of the room, and the upper lattice bed has a room-shaped bedside table, which can be used to place mobile phones, glasses and other things. In terms of color selection, the children’s room prefers a lively and relaxed feel, with white paired with emerald green, gray blue and light wood. The bright and soft colors can help relieve children’s stress in reading.

Master room: hydraulic bed, dressing table, wardrobe

The master room wants to have a calmer feel, and the walls are also painted in gray and blue, so the furniture in the master room is mainly dark gray. We customized a set of hydraulic beds, wardrobes and dressing tables in the master room for our guests to use up the storage space while retaining a relatively spacious activity space. The L-shaped wardrobe reaches the ceiling, and the storage space is very sufficient. At the same time, glass doors and open storage compartments are used in some locations to reduce the sense of oppression caused by tall cabinets. The addition of LED light strips also makes the wardrobe more transparent and design-rich. . The dressing table is a flip-up design. It is usually a countertop. When it is flipped up, it becomes a dressing mirror. After being opened, there is still space to store cosmetics and skin care products, so that it will not look cluttered. The 400mm bed box of the hydraulic bed can store suitcases and large storage plastic boxes. The hydraulic design can be opened and organized by one person, making housework easier.

If you want to customize the whole house furniture, please contact us. We can provide you with an immediate quotation, or you can visit the Shimen store to negotiate with the designer. Check out MONTARA floor plans or the latest custom furniture package offers


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