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The flats in Hong Kong are generally not big enough to accommodate a giant TV cabinet. Buy an Essie multi-functional C-shaped cabinet and you can have a high-quality TV cabinet in a small house with plenty of storage space.


The C-shaped cabinet style modular cabinet is suitable for use as a TV cabinet, whether it is a wall-mounted or table-mounted TV.


Each storage element of the Essie series of modular cabinets has been carefully calculated, and the left and right positions can be flexibly adjusted during installation to cater to the needs of different customers.


The sliding door cabinet has many uses. If you store everything behind the cabinet door, it will be neat and consistent, and the visual space will be more comfortable! If you want to classify things, you can use them with small storage baskets and folders to make it clear when you are looking for things.


Install a glass cabinet above the TV, which is perfect for placing family photos, BB photos or small decorations! In addition to the decorations that can be placed inside the glass cabinet, books and trinkets can be placed above, making the most of everything!

客廳不少得要有個零食區,電視下方的儲物櫃是個很好的選擇, 煲劇、睇波的時候只要打開櫃門,就拿到零食,超方便的! 加上暗抽的設計,小朋友和寵物不會輕易打開,安全可靠

Many living rooms must have a snack area. The storage cabinet under the TV is a good choice. When watching TV shows or watching movies, you only need to open the cabinet door to get snacks. It is super convenient! With the hidden drawer design, Children and pets will not open it easily, safe and reliable


The drawers are used to store children’s toys and pet supplies. The floor of the living room can naturally be kept clean and tidy, and toys will no longer be scattered everywhere. The height of the cabinet bucket can also be opened to children, making it easier to train them to help clean up the toys after playing. good habits


Many families with pets hope to create a pet-friendly home for them. In addition to being a storage cabinet for the whole family, the modular cabinet can also reserve a space to become a small snail for the pet.


The C-shaped TV cabinet integrates glass cabinets, drawers, door cabinets, wardrobes, and wall cabinets. It is definitely a good helper for living room storage.





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