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The C-shaped cabinet actually contains a lot of design. Do you know? How much is the best first in the middle? The need to return to the owner. If you want to heat the water in the middle, there must be at least 500mm in the middle. If the air is placed, there will be 600 in hollow. If you just put things ordinary, you can do 450 in hollow. Therefore, the position of the middle must be in the need to meet the needs of users.


So how high should the countertop of the C -shaped cabinet be done? We generally recommend that medium -sized owners can make the countertop as 1100 high. If the height is not high, it is enough to do 1000 on the table.


So how wide is the C -shaped position? In fact, it depends on how much table space of the owner needs. The larger the countertop space, the larger the C -shaped position, and the bigger, and it becomes up and down. The width of C -shaped is not casual. Press the door panel to divide. For example, a 1500-width C-line cabinet can be divided into 5 doors, and the C-shaped position can go to 1/5-4/5. The C -shaped position needs to be aligned with the door panel. After C, the remaining space is the door panel. This door panel is generally divided up and down. If a door is high, the door panel is more likely to occur, so the door panel can be avoided to avoid this situation. So how should it be split? In fact, the door panel can actually choose the Qi C -shaped top or the bottom of the C -shaped position. We generally recommend that the door panel is the top of the C -line cabinet, because when the door is opened, we can tap, and the space can be touched. Wash and open one after another.

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