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C字櫃 C字櫃 C字櫃的飾櫃部份 C字櫃 C字櫃頂櫃 C字櫃連鞋櫃 C字櫃

If we talk about multi-functional furniture, C-shaped cabinets will definitely be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. This time, let us take a look at how a C-shaped cabinet can be designed to become a piece of furniture with different functions.

Shoe cabinet/shoe changing stool

As long as the C-shaped cabinet is placed at the door, it must have the function of a shoe cabinet. Sometimes, a short shoe cabinet can be paired next to the C-shaped cabinet, with a soft bag placed on top to hold casual shoes, making it very convenient to get in and out.

Action cabinet

The so-called mobile locker is a locker that allows us to quickly carry handbags, wallets, buildings, umbrellas and other items when we go out. To give a simple example, a C-shaped cabinet can be conveniently used to store handbags, wallets and other items by making a few more cabinet buckets. A special tall but narrow storage compartment can also be added to the C-shaped cabinet. A hanging passage can be added to the inside to hang umbrellas such as long umbrellas or retractable umbrellas. A row of clothing hooks can be installed on the side of the C-shaped cabinet to hang and release the door.

jewelry cabinet

The C-shaped cabinet can also function as an accessory cabinet. As long as you add a few glass door panels on the top and install a spotlight, it can be transformed into an accessory cabinet. You can place your favorite dolls or model Gundams, etc.

Utility cabinet/storage cabinet

The design of a C-shaped cabinet usually has a shoe cabinet in the lower half and a storage cabinet/grooming cabinet in the upper half. There are multiple movable shelves in the cabinet, and the height can be adjusted up and down. Store all different items.


The depth of the C-shaped cabinet can be deepened to 500mm. At this depth, the C-shaped cabinet can function as a wardrobe and expand the clothing storage space in the room.

kitchen cabinets

C-shaped cabinets will be of great use if placed next to an open kitchen. Because the open kitchens in Hong Kong are generally relatively thin, and the countertop space is limited, there is no room for a rice cooker if there is room for an electric hot water bottle. At this time, the countertop of the C-shaped cabinet can expand the space of the kitchen countertop, which can be used to place commonly used electrical appliances in the kitchen or as a temporary space for placing food.

dining table cabinet

The C-shaped cabinet can also be used as a dining table cabinet. As long as a telescopic deformation dining table is embedded in the C-shaped cabinet, it can be pulled out when needed to easily transform into a dining table for 4 or 6 people.

The above 7 major functions are actually some of the many functions of C-shaped cabinets. As long as you use your imagination, C-shaped cabinets can actually have many other functions. If you also want to order a multifunctional C-shaped cabinet to return to your home, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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