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Customers often ask us how to design living room storage cabinets that are both beautiful and practical. There are many beautiful and practical design concepts. The most direct way is to use photos to speak. This time we have selected case photos of wooden slats for your appreciation and reference, so that you can see how the wooden slat design can be used in the living room and bedroom. , upgrade your home style!

Living room strip wall and cabinet door

Do you think the all-white shoe cabinet is too ordinary? Put the wooden door panel into the cabinet design! One side is a flat door panel, and the other side is a sliver door panel, which reduces the pressure of the high cabinet and creates a unique vertical surface.

Considering that the customer’s shoe cabinet is also a storage cabinet in the living room and needs to store different household items, the partitions inside the cabinet are tailor-made for the customer, such as multi-layer laminates, perforated boards, etc., to take good care of the guests. storage needs.

In order to complement the color, the entire wall next to the shoe cabinet is customized with a wooden background wall. The position where the sofa is placed is designed with a flat wooden board, and the position near the shoe cabinet is designed with strips to serve as the shoe cabinet and background wall. The transition also adds to the characteristics of the background wall.

Turning to the TV cabinet, because the guest’s own wall has been covered with wallpaper that looks like a brick wall, the TV cabinet is naturally in a simple style. The L-shaped TV cabinet retains the sense of space and is only decorated with a strip of door panel. , contrasting with the shoe cabinet and background wall.

Bedroom strip wall and wardrobe door

Slatted walls and slatted doors can also be used for bedroom walls and wardrobe doors. The customer boldly chose a combination of blue slats and wooden furniture to show his personal taste and at the same time be very comfortable and soft. The blue slat board can be used as a feature wall in the bedroom, or it can be used on the wardrobe door. Combined with the light gold handle, the wardrobe will be upgraded immediately!

If you want to use sliver walls and sliver doors to upgrade your home and storage cabinets, please feel free to contact us.


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