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1. Tall cabinets are not necessarily the best, retaining the sense of space is important!

Many people have the misconception that to keep their home tidy, they need to fill up tall cabinets so that they can stuff all the sundries and household items into lockers. But in fact, even if the clutter is not visible, if the whole house is full of high cabinets, it will also create another sense of oppression. To find a balance between space and storage capacity, you can choose some lockers that are not ceiling-mounted or have a suspended design. This will help balance the comfort and space of the overall space.

2. Tips on hook design

Most shoe cabinets are designed to be covered by cabinet doors, but the surrounding storage space can be equipped with open shelves, or make good use of hanging rods and unique hooks to meet different storage needs and increase the flexibility of the space. and a sense of space. For example, the hooks in our case are arranged in irregular shapes, and the spotlights on the top of the cabinet will cast shadows, creating an interesting picture. Therefore, simple hooks can already make the lockers very stylish. sense.

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3. Change the style of the cabinet legs and it will immediately change.

The cabinet legs are located in an inconspicuous position. Do you feel that just enough support is enough? Of course not. Sometimes the same cabinet will have a different overall style as long as it is replaced with different styles of cabinet legs, such as straight legs/sloping legs, wooden legs/metal legs, and the thickness and height of the cabinet legs. There are different styles.

4. The shoe cabinet combined with the shoe stool makes it more convenient to enter and exit.

It may be a little inconvenient to put on and take off shoes in a narrow entrance space. A shoe putting stool can solve this problem. By integrating the shoe putting stool into the shoe cabinet at the corner of the entrance, it can be flexibly retracted and stored without taking up space. At the same time, the shape and soft cushions of the shoe bench can be used to embellish shoe cabinets and entrance cabinets.

5. Cabinet door changes create versatile styles

Changes in cabinet doors can create a variety of styles, did you know? For example, different cabinet doors can use different colors to form a color matching picture. The size and arrangement of the cabinet doors can become unique designs. The easiest way to increase the sense of design is to add various handles, European, American, and Chinese. , Japanese style can be done easily.

If you want to order an entryway cabinet/shoe cabinet/C-shaped cabinet/corner cabinet, please contact us.

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