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Many young homeowners like gray-toned homes. It’s easy to find good-looking styles of paint, flooring, and floor tiles, but there aren’t too many choices for gray furniture. Are you confused about how to choose the color of your furniture? This case study should help friends who like gray-toned homes!

Various shades of gray-green

If the whole house is in different shades of gray, the home will look too deserted, so you can mix in other colors to create a nice home, such as white, gray green (Morandi green) and black, to create a young, attractive and stylish home. Design home. Two different shades of gray-green paint are used on the walls of the living room. There are large pots of green plants and lake green curtains next to the gray cloth sofa. Facing the soft light and breeze, you will not get tired of sitting in the living room all day long.

Open decorative cabinet shelves in black and gray

In the corner next to the sofa, the space is not too big, but you don’t want to waste space. You can use black mirror glass and cement gray plates to customize an open decorative cabinet to display beautiful collections. Each floor is equipped with LED lights. strips, so that the jewelry can show its most beautiful side. The combination of black and gray adds a layered feel to the space.

It’s both a TV cabinet and a nanny’s room.

In addition to the display cabinet and sofa in the living room, of course the TV cabinet is also indispensable, so the family can gather together to watch programs and movies. Choose a built-in design where the TV is placed. The TV will be enclosed by the cabinet, which can prevent children from knocking it over or accidentally pulling the TV and causing accidents. The front part of the TV cabinet is mainly white wood grain, which can make the gray home look bright. A large magnetic board is attached to the cabinet above the TV, allowing the owner to post family photos or children’s paintings in the future.

Have you noticed that the TV cabinet is deeper than usual? Because it is not just a TV cabinet, it is also a nanny room. You will see two shutter doors from the side. Do you think they are ordinary cabinet doors? In fact, it is the door of the nanny’s room. When opened, it is the nanny’s private space. The back of the TV cabinet is the storage space in the nanny’s room. It is made into shelves for the nanny sister to put clothes and belongings. There is a lot of storage space! In addition, the nanny’s bed is equipped with soft bedside points in the same color as the curtains, so that the nanny can rest against the bedside before going to bed.

The gray-toned wood grain perfectly blends into the space style

Many people think that gray-toned home design does not go well with wood grains. In fact, wood grains also have gray-toned options. For example, the wood color of this black sand eucalyptus has a gray tone, so it can perfectly blend into the entire gray-toned space style. .

The black slate dining table is young enough

Slate is a material that has emerged rapidly in recent years. It is commonly used for dining tables, coffee tables and background walls. The texture and texture of slate are close to real stone, and it is harder than stone and is not easily broken. Therefore, more and more furniture will use slate. plate. The black slate dining table with metal frame and cabinet legs is full of modernity and goes well with the gray style.

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