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In recent years, Japanese-style floors have become a common design for small units. Especially when the floor is not large enough to create a loft and storage space is very much needed, the floor is naturally the first choice. Floor design can be added to both the living room and bedroom.

Japanese style space enlarged in situ

The concept of the floor is derived from Japanese-style homes. It is derived from the living habit of sitting and lying on the spot in traditional Japanese-style rooms. The extra height from the ground can be used as a storage platform for storage, replacing ordinary storage high cabinets, and visually More simple and refreshing. By enlarging the space in situ, the range of activities of the family can be increased.

The floor clearly divides the space

The layout of the living room in the case happens to be a “concave” shape in the entire space, and the entire space is used as a floor to easily divide the living room space.

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Open cabinets and door storage in black and white

The dark, black cabinet body contrasts with the equally dark floor, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Some cabinet doors are made of light wood that contrasts strongly with the cabinet body, creating an interesting black and white feel. This prevents the space from becoming rigid and dull due to large furniture, and also enhances the design sense of the space.

Wood grain is full of soft atmosphere

Why do so many people like to buy wood grain furniture? In addition to the fact that the main materials of furniture are wood and wooden boards, of course, the wood grain is full of soft atmosphere, which can exude a comfortable and natural feeling in the home.

The living room is a place for the whole family to have activities, meals and banquets. A simple and natural design is most suitable for the whole family. The wood grain floor is full of Japanese atmosphere, making the space feel more comfortable and sleek.

If you would like to customize floor/living room storage cabinets, please feel free to contact us.

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