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Many people have storage problems, but when solving storage problems, the aesthetics of furniture cannot be ignored~ Of course, the house must be beautiful and practical! When customizing furniture, you may not immediately think of accessory cabinets, but in fact, accessory cabinets are very important for decorating your home! Don’t believe it? As long as you read our jewelry cabinet case sharing, you will find that an jewelry cabinet can actually make your home look a lot more beautiful!

Aluminum frame + Changhong glass

Changhong glass itself has a concave and convex feel, and the looming effect can not only cover up clutter, but mixing materials can also add vitality and interest to the space. Aluminum frames are available in a variety of colors, such as gold, silver, black, white and rose gold, etc., whether your home is dark or light, it can match it! When the cabinet door is already a decoration, it will naturally level up the texture of the home~

If you have a lot of books at home and you are worried that the transparent glass cabinet doors will make the space look cluttered, frosted glass is also a good choice. It is more opaque than Changhong glass, but not as rigid as a whole wooden door, and has a good decorative effect.

European door panel

Using European-style door panels on decorative cabinets is also one of the secrets to make your home beautiful. The concave and convex, full-dimensional European-style door panels use simple concave and convex lines to create an elegant and neat texture. Our European-style door panels can be designed with concealed or extended handles. With matte gold handles, you can create a light luxury style. With black handles, you can create a country style.

Three-sided glass cabinet

The jewelry cabinet is naturally used to display beautiful collections and accessories. If you want to appreciate the collection from multiple angles, you need to order a three-sided glass jewelry cabinet. The jewelry can be seen from the left, right and front. In addition, add light strips or downlights to the glass cabinets to illuminate the accessories, which will instantly add visual points. The laminates are all made of glass laminates, adding a refreshing and light feel.

A bus door that’s more beautiful than a sliding door

Because they do not want the door frame to block the accessories placed in the accessory cabinet, some customers tend to prefer that the larger the glass door of the accessory cabinet, the better. However, the glass cabinet door is very heavy, and the door cannot be made too wide, but the two sides of the sliding door There is also the disadvantage of gaps between door panels. If you want to pursue a cabinet door design that is both practical and beautiful, and have a certain budget, you can try bus doors that are more beautiful than sliding doors and sliding doors.

The bus door is based on the sliding door. Each door panel can be made wider and the two door panels can be completely flat, which solves the shortcomings of the decorative cabinet door and the sliding door. However, the price of the bus door is relatively expensive, and it also requires a master to install it. skills, so it’s best to find a reputable furniture store to customize bus doors.

After looking at these jewelry cabinets, have you found a style you like? If you would like to customize your jewelry cabinet, please contact us.





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