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A wall cabinet has five major functions

The living environment in Hong Kong is on the small side, and we often have to find ways to use a room with multiple uses, or create unlimited possibilities in a limited space. Wall cabinets can be said to be a gift to small units in Hong Kong, because one cabinet can create five major Function – guest room, cloakroom, worker’s room, storage room, and of course the function of TV cabinet in the living room! Whether it is storage or accommodation needs, they can be met one by one.

電視櫃用作間牆櫃, 可以節省空間

TV cabinets can be used as wall cabinets to save space

Reducing the thickness of the wall makes it more space-saving and practical

The biggest advantage of using a cabinet room is space saving, which can save the thickness of the brick wall. The larger the wall area, the more space can be saved, making the space more practical.

Quick to install and can be used later

It takes about two weeks to build a house with brick walls, and several days to build a house with wooden planks. Moreover, both methods of building a house will cause dust to fly, and the owner must move out temporarily before construction can begin. However, with a cabinet room, the installation can be completed in as little as one day, and the amount of dust is much less than the previous two room methods. The homeowner does not need to move out during the construction period, which can save the homeowner time on cleaning and moving out expenses.

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Customized doors make the space more consistent

When customizing the wall cabinets, you can also customize the door to match the decoration of the living room, making the style of the space more consistent, and at the same time increasing the privacy and sound insulation effect of the room. When ordering the furniture for the room, the beams and lights will be taken into consideration. slot position, there is no need to worry about the sealing of the room.

However, if you buy a ready-made locker, the room may not have a door, and there will be a gap between the cabinet and the wall, which greatly reduces the privacy and sound insulation effect of the room.

訂造間牆櫃連房門 , 讓空間風格更一致

Custom-made wall cabinets and doors to make the space more consistent

Add sound insulation cotton to the back panel to enhance the sound insulation effect

Many people worry that the sound insulation effect of the cabinet room will be poor. If the room is used as a guest room or study, it will affect the use experience. In fact, in addition to thickening the back panel of the wall cabinet, you can also add Sound insulation cotton, and adding sound insulation strips to the door to enhance the sound insulation effect.

電視櫃用作間牆櫃, 可以節省空間

TV cabinets can be used as wall cabinets to save space

If you also want to use a cabinet room, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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