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組合床 組合床

If you want to make a modular bed but want to use up the window sill space, we have a way to make it an L-shaped bed. The end of the bed can extend above the window table to use up the window sill space. After the upper lattice bed is extended into the window sill, the room naturally has more space. At this time, it can be made horizontally to make a top-to-ceiling wardrobe. Precisely because the upper lattice bed is extended into the window sill, the width of the wardrobe is wider than that of an ordinary upper and lower bed or an L-shaped wardrobe. Bed time is greatly increased. A sliding door wardrobe can be made under the lattice bed. With a wardrobe under the bed and a wardrobe on top, no matter how much clothing you have, you can easily store it in the room. This is the benefit of custom furniture.

Customized furniture can help you increase the utilization of room space, and the internal compartments of each cabinet can be freely designed, which is extremely flexible. In addition, as the buildings in Taiwan are getting taller and thinner nowadays, custom-made furniture can be said to be the best choice for Taiwanese people. Our company specializes in customizing modular beds. Each modular bed has undergone rigorous load-bearing tests before leaving the factory. Below we have also attached a short video of the load-bearing test on-site by our installer to show the quality of our modular beds. Our L-shaped upper shelf can easily lift an adult without any shaking. Only after rigorous testing, we dare to install the modular bed in our guests’ homes, so that both adults and children can sleep peacefully.


If you also need to customize a modular bed, please feel free to contact our salesperson.






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