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衣櫃 油壓床 趟門衣櫃

Many people will simply fill the entire room with tatami mats, and use cabinets on both sides of the mattress to leave no space to increase the storage space in the room, but this may ignore the passage to climb onto the bed. If there is no room on the left and right sides of the mattress to get out of bed, you have to climb from the end of the bed to the head of the bed every time you climb into the bed. If the user is older, especially mothers of this generation, this process is very laborious. This time we specially designed a tatami for the customer’s mother that can be used to get out of bed from the left and right sides. The unique feature of this tatami is that you can get out of bed on the side of the mattress; after placing the mattress, you can move your knees to the side and then double Step down to the tatami and leave the mattress from the walkway in front of the closet.

Although the design of this room still has a lot of stairs, now that houses in Taiwan are becoming more and more expensive and smaller, and there is insufficient storage space, using tatami mats to increase storage space seems to be the only way.

If you also want to customize furniture similar to this case, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.





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