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9 things to pay attention to when buying a modular bed

There are many different styles of bunk beds and modular beds on the market, but the design and quality vary. So what should you pay attention to when purchasing a modular bed? Now Haolite will take a look at the following cases with you. Things to pay attention to when purchasing a modular bed.

1. Lighting

When many people buy bunk beds/combination beds, they only look at whether the style looks good, but they ignore the room environment and personal actual needs. Nowadays, the area of ​​​​the house is getting smaller and smaller, and the general size of the bedroom is below 2100x2100mm. In this space, most of the windows will be blocked after placing a modular bed. To solve this problem, a custom modular bed is a great option. When customizing, you can create a hollow design to increase the lighting in the room. Taking our case as an example, we made a square hollow design at the end of the bed to increase the lighting in the room.

2. Borrow the bay window location

The bed itself actually takes up a lot of room area. Try to use the available space in the bedroom. If the bedroom itself has a bay window, you can borrow the bay window position and become part of the bed like in our case.

3. Make good use of hanging design

The headboard and footboard of the upper and lower beds actually take up some space. If you can take advantage of the on-site layout and omit these two boards, you can create more storage space. Taking our case as an example, our upper bed adopts a hanging design, and uses the beams on the bay window as a support for one side of the upper bed. The upper bed is suspended, eliminating a headboard, while the other side uses the under-the-bed The wardrobe is supported to form a strong and secure structure. Although this hanging design seems very difficult, as long as you choose an experienced custom furniture store like us, you can easily create a space-saving and practical modular bed.

4. Customize the bed into a tatami

In traditional bunk beds, storage boxes are made under the bunk bed. However, if there are children at home, the capacity of the small bed box is actually not enough. To increase the storage capacity, you can use all the space under the bunk bed. As a tatami storage box, the door can be changed into a sliding door like in our case. There is no need to reserve a position for the door to open, and the entire room space can be used for storage.

5. Make good use of the 4 walls and remaining space for storage

A modular bed is generally only 1900mm long, so how can the remaining space in the room be used? We suggest that you can customize a thin bedside table on the upper bed. If the modular bed itself is designed in an L shape, a wardrobe can be made out of the bed. In addition to the position at the head and foot of the bed, the position on the side of the bed can also be used. For example, a bedside cabinet can be made on the bed and a wall cabinet on the door side.

6. Use stair cabinets to get in and out of bed whenever possible

The stairs for getting up and down the bed usually take up a little space. If these spaces are also used as storage space, we would recommend making them into stair cabinets. The advantage of the stair cabinets is that they are convenient for children to get up and down, and they can also have multiple Drawers store different types of clothing in categories.

7. Whether or not there is a soft bedside bag makes a big difference.

Generally, most of the modular beds available in the market do not have a soft bedside design. Mainly because stores want to reduce costs and make products cheaper. But in fact, adding a soft bedside bag can make the entire bedroom space look more comfortable and casual, protect the safety of children, and allow them to read or play with their mobile phones while leaning on the bed.

8. You can install an electric lift table when you get out of bed

I don’t know if you have noticed that the modular bed in our case actually has two electric lifting tables hidden under the tatami under the lower bed. Two custom-made electric lift tables were needed because the client had two children, and he wanted each child to have an independent desk for studying. The tatami is made into an electric lift table, which is visually simple and can be used as a study area in a room where there is no room for a desk after the modular bed is placed. After the electric lift is folded, there is another space for children to play.

9. Lighting for getting out of bed

One of the disadvantages of getting up and down the bed is that it will block the light from the ceiling lamp, so what is the solution? In addition to placing bedside lamps by yourself, you can also install several sets of spotlights or LED light strips at the head of the bed to increase Lighting for getting out of bed.

If you also want to customize practical bunk beds/combination beds for your home, you are welcome to contact our designers.

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