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3 things you must pay attention to when purchasing a storage bed

When purchasing a storage bed, there are three things that everyone must pay attention to. Otherwise, it may be difficult to open and close the storage bed, or the hydraulic rod may become damaged or leak after only a few years of use. If you choose a substandard storage bed, it is more likely to cause household accidents. Let us explain to you what you must pay attention to when purchasing a storage bed.

Hydraulic lever strength

The strength of the hydraulic rod is the key to determining whether the entire storage bed can be opened and closed smoothly. Every storage bed will have a hydraulic rod on the left and right sides. This hydraulic rod will have a number indicating the weight it can support. For example, the strength of the hydraulic rod of a general 4-foot storage bed is 60kg or 600N. This The number indicates that the maximum weight that this hydraulic rod can bear on one side is 60kg. Usually the strength of the hydraulic rods on the left and right sides of the storage bed is the same. In this case, the two sides add up to 120kg. This number is very significant when purchasing a mattress. When opening the storage bed, the storage bed must safely support the mattress. It is generally recommended that the weight of the mattress be less than or greater than the strength of the single-sided hydraulic rod, which is 60kg. A mattress that is too heavy will cause certain risks to safety. We need to know that when we store and retrieve objects in the storage bed, we will crawl under the bed. If the storage bed suddenly collapses due to insufficient strength, it can directly cause neck damage. The head was broken and died. Related accidents have occurred all over the world in the past. Therefore, the weight of the mattress must be lower than the strength of one side of the hydraulic rod.

The hydraulic lever must have a safety lock

If you pay attention to the above cases of our company, you will see that the hydraulic lever is equipped with a safety lock. This safety lock should be locked after the hydraulic lever is opened. This is to prevent the hydraulic rod of the storage bed from suddenly failing and causing an accident. When the safety locks on both sides are locked, you can safely access the items inside the storage bed.

Pay attention to the thickness of the mattress that the storage bed can load

Many people think that storage beds are suitable for all mattress thicknesses, but this is actually wrong. There will be a stem board position on the inside of every side-turning/vertical-turning storage bed. The width of this stem determines the thickness of the mattress that the storage bed can carry. If the thickness of the mattress is wider than the position of the stem board, it will make it difficult to close the storage bed.


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