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組合床 衣櫃 組合床 L形床 L形油壓床

We have seen many bunk beds with 3 tops and 4 bottoms, but have you ever seen an L-shaped bunk bed? This time we customized an L-shaped bunk bed with 3 tops and 4 bottoms for our customers. The reason for making it L-shaped is mainly because the owner of the lower bed does not want to be disturbed by the children sleeping in the bed when getting in and out of the bed. When it is L-shaped, you can move the stairs on the upper floor outwards, and the stairs on the lower floor will not cross the head of the bed on the lower floor. After finishing the 4-foot bed at the same time, there is still space left on the lower floor, which can be made horizontally to make a storage cabinet. The upper part of the storage space can face the direction of the 4-foot bed, and the lower part can be faced outward for easy use.

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