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How to design a children’s room? Parents will immediately think of the two major functions of storage and bedroom – there must be enough space to store children’s clothes, especially children aged 3-12 grow up quickly, and the home is always filled with piles of large and small clothes. Moreover, today’s children are very happy. Relatives and friends will send piles of new clothes and toys from time to time. Finding a place to store them is indeed a headache for many parents.

In addition to the storage function, it is best for the bedroom to take care of the children’s reading and learning needs. There must be a formal desk where the children can sit and read properly. In terms of design, it would be even better if it can also help children develop their potential and creativity! There are so many functions required, what can be done? Let Haolite introduce a multifunctional house-shaped bed to everyone~

The shape of the house is interesting and makes children feel safe

Children spend a lot of time at home. In order for them to grow up happily and learn to be independent, the fun house-shaped bed is definitely their growth partner. The combination of white, emerald green and light wood colors is full of refreshing and natural flavor, soft yet interesting, helping to stimulate children’s creative thinking and potential.

There is a large magnet board on the outside of the house-shaped bed, which can be used to draw pictures and take notes with a water pen. You can also use the magnets to nail family photos and postcards. You can also nail hooks to hang coats and environmental bags. The multi-purpose magnet board opens up a small corner for children to express their imagination, and combines with the entire house-shaped bed to create a fun atmosphere.

Younger children may not be used to sleeping on their own, or playing where their parents are not visible. A house-shaped bed can bring a sense of security to the child. Many children are attracted to the house-shaped bed when they come to our showroom. Expressing the desire to parents, it can prove that the house-shaped bed is extremely attractive to children.

The house-shaped bed has a staircase cabinet on one side and a slide design on the other side, just like the slide facilities in a playground. It turns your home into a children’s paradise. No child is alone, and you can also invite classmates to play together! If there is insufficient space at home, you can also abandon the slide part. The shape of the house-shaped bed alone can also attract children’s attention.

Ample storage space

The stair cabinet is not only convenient for children to climb up, but it is also a very huge storage space! There are three drawers at the bottom, which are convenient for storing smaller items such as underwear, socks, or stationery. There are two large wardrobes above, which can accommodate clothes for all seasons. In addition, three open storage compartments are reserved for books, plants, or The knick-knacks are all very appropriate.

This house-shaped bed is based on a loft bed, so the upper floor rest space is very spacious, enough for a 6-foot double bed. Parents and children can sleep together without feeling crowded. There are also small windows that can be opened, making it more independent. The second floor of the cabin is the same, instantly transformed into a double-storey unit!

There are light strips on each step of the stairs. The light is not visible, and it is full of design. It is safe even if you climb at night.

There is a bed and a desk on the lower level

Every parent wants their children to concentrate on studying, and a big desk is a must, but where can I put a big desk? Many families use the dining table as a desk, but they have to put away their textbooks and computers every time they eat to have space to put the food. After the meal, they wipe the table and then take out the books to continue, which will always affect the progress of children’s learning. The house-shaped bed we designed has a very wide desk on the lower floor, where two computers can be placed at the same time and there is still room for doing homework. There is a whole row of glass bookcases above the desk, and the mirror design behind it can increase the sense of space on the lower floor and add a touch of modern flavor to the house-shaped bed. The desk can be turned over to transform into a three-foot single bed. The most important thing is that you can turn the bed down without holding the desk, and switch between study and rest modes anytime and anywhere!

If you want to customize a similar house-shaped bed/loft bed, you are welcome to visit our showroom and experience it. We also provide free quotations on site.


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