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Sometimes a room looks square and square, but if you look closely, you will find that beams, window sills, and air conditioners restrict the placement of furniture, making the space less practical.

When it comes to adding furniture to a small space, ready-made furniture should be the first choice that comes to everyone’s mind. However, in order to avoid the location of air conditioners and beams, it may take a lot of time to find the most suitable furniture. For such a home situation, the space can only be fully utilized through customized furniture.

Compared with the fixed dimensions of ready-made furniture, customized window sill beds and wardrobes for bedrooms can use up the window sill space and make the bed more spacious. The interior of the wardrobe can be matched with clothes rails, drawers, shelves, etc. according to personal needs and preferences. Create a clothing storage design that best suits your usage habits. Although the price of customized furniture will be slightly more expensive than buying ready-made furniture, it can make more efficient use of space and is definitely more cost-effective.

window sill bed

When customizing a tatami bed, the height of the bed frame can be customized to be the same as the window sill, so that it can be turned into a window sill bed, making the window sill space a practical area that can be easily used.

If you want to make the space more unified, you can extend the bed board directly to the window sill, so that you don’t know where the window sill is and where the bed is, making perfect use of the window sill space. In addition, window sills are generally made of marble. Some people may worry about the coldness when sleeping on the windowsill. However, if you put wooden boards on it, you can alleviate this problem and improve the comfort while sleeping.

睡房窗台床連衣櫃及床尾櫃Bedroom window sill bed plus wardrobe and bedside cabinet

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bedside table

Sometimes the length of the bedroom is still a little longer after placing the bed. If you don’t want to waste that space, you can put a bedside table to store daily necessities such as tissues, skin care products, glasses, and mobile phones.

The bedside cabinet can be a half-length or high cabinet with the same width as the bed, or, like this example, a bedside high cabinet that only occupies one corner. The advantage of this is that it retains the space at the end of the bed for getting out of bed and the flexibility to climb into the bed. Bigger. Moreover, the hollow part of the bedside cabinet can be used as a makeup table, making it convenient to apply makeup and skin care while sitting at the end of the bed.

Bedroom window sill bed plus wardrobe and bedside cabinet

large wardrobe

Using the recessed position in the room to create a large wardrobe can flatten the uneven position of the room and use up all the space for storage.

The advantage of a customized wardrobe is that it has a capping service, so that there are no gaps between the cabinet and the wall. Even if there are beams and columns, it can fit perfectly. The appearance is beautiful, and you are not afraid that the gaps will become a breeding ground for small insects.

A whole row of vertically aligned swing doors and drawers are all designed with concealed handles, making the overall feel more concise and not afraid of bumping into the handles due to the small space. It is both practical and beautiful.

Bedroom window sill bed plus wardrobe and bedside cabinet
Bedroom window sill bed plus wardrobe and bedside cabinet

If you also want to customize similar bedroom furniture, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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Bedroom Cabinet



Windowsill Bed

bedside cabinet




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