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There was a time when large window sill designs were very popular in new properties. The window sill area is large, probably equal to 1/3 or 1/4 of the size of a room. If I can make good use of the window sill space, I have a plan to make the bedroom larger! Let’s take a look at the two window sill bed cases we have designed for our customers.

A large window sill is equivalent to a single bed. When the window sill is transformed into a window bed, the bedroom can free up more space for activities. You can spread out yoga mats and do exercises without fear of bumping into each other. Just like in our case, the entire platform bed is integrated with the window sill. The height of the bed box is flush with the window sill. You will not notice it after putting the mattress on it. There are also two cabinets and buckets on the outside for storage.

The integrated bedside table not only has a storage function, but also corrects the problem of uneven bedside, which is very practical.

Because the window sill bed saves a lot of space in the bedroom, there is still room to customize a set of L-shaped wardrobes and desks to maximize the practicality of the space!

If the window sill is high, the storage space under the bed can be made into a double-layer cabinet to make storage more convenient.

Our bed box can be flush with the window sill or completely cover the window sill. If you want the mattress to fit perfectly with the window, you can also add a backrest board near the window so that the mattress can be more secure.

If you want to customize window sill bed/wardrobe/bedroom furniture, please contact us.


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