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After understanding this case study, it is not difficult to build a high-end platform bed at home.

I want to customize a platform bed for my room, but how can I make it fashionable and elegant while also providing various practical functions? Then let us take a look at the platform bed in the master room of this YOHO Milano unit. This room is about 60 square feet, which is a typical Hong Kong room size. What is special about it is that in addition to the door, the master room also has a sliding door leading to the suite toilet, which reduces the space for furniture on the wall, so it is more spacious in the space. Utilization needs to be more thoughtful. In order to increase the area that can be used as a floor and storage space, our Hohome designers specially designed steps with beveled edges to solve the problem of a room without wardrobes and cabinets. The thickened headboard not only allows the installation of light strips, but also makes the entire floor look more modern. It also covers the various sockets and messy wires on the wall, and moves the sockets directly to the desk where the power supply is needed. , and installed reading lights with no visible wire connections on both sides of the bed, and the switch can also be installed directly beside the bed for convenience. You can also install a USB socket beside the bed to charge your phone directly, which is very practical. If you also need more storage space in your room, as well as a place for activities and rest, please contact us for quotation and design.





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