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睡房 床頭櫃 玻璃吊櫃 玻璃飾櫃

Duke is very poisonous: Do you know the 3 poisons in the single -family room?

It has been more than ten years since the master has been counting the custom furniture. I have seen the world’s independent men and women. This time, let me summarize the poison of the single men/women’s bedrooms for everyone.

single bed

A 3 -foot single bed can be said to be a major feature of a single family room, because just one person training, the training pole is a person, then you need a double bed! Why don’t you make a double bed plan for the future. This is because there have been too much hope before, so I only have despair in the end, so I simply make a single bed. The left space can be made for other furniture, so as not to waste.

Computer Desk

Yes, there must be a computer table in the room. Imagine how to live as a single man, a daughter, how to live without a computer? The network is his true world. The real world? These opportunities may not be him/them …

Glass cabinet

As a poisonous man or poisonous woman, there must be a lot of poisons. How can there be no cabinet used to show poison? Do you make a lot of cabinets? My land is really conscious.

Don’t talk about Feng Shui

Traditional Chinese people have a certain trust in feng shui, such as the bed in that direction, and there should be no places above the bedside. But in the minds of poisonous men and poisonous women, these feng shui bars have no impact on him/they.

Many miscellaneous objects

There are many things in collecting, there is no time/mood to clean up, and there are naturally more debris. Therefore, a lot of storage space is needed, so he/they will use the storage space that can be used as much as possible. For example, like this case, the storage space on the top of the door is also used.

Our company specializes in building a single -family bedroom. If you ask yourself as one of them, we welcome you to contact our designer.




Bedside Table

Bedroom Cupboard

Platform Bed

bedside cabinet



Bedroom Cabinet

Raised Platform


Storage Bed




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