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I see wooden slat feature walls and furniture in other people’s homes. I’m envious but don’t know how to use them in my own home? Don’t worry, if you read on slowly, you will find that wooden strips can not only be used on feature walls and furniture, but can also be customized into partition cabinets and partition walls in Japanese, Chinese, modern, rural and other styles. All styles can be crafted, and wooden strips can add an element of comfort and elegance to your otherwise ordinary home.

Lightweight TV cabinet creates an ideal home

The TV cabinet adopts an L-shaped light design, with a top-to-ceiling storage cabinet on the left, suspended base cabinets in the middle and right, and wooden strips at the back to form a beautiful background wall. The TV cabinet and the wooden strips use the same light wood grain to enhance the sense of space and Japanese style. The top cabinet is mainly white, which can reflect more sunlight outside the window, make the living room appear wider, and also reduce the size of the TV cabinet. Feeling of oppression.

Wooden partition wall with Qiankun inside

We customized an entire wall of wooden strips behind the TV cabinet in the guest’s living room. Do you think this is just a feature wall? Of course not. Behind the wooden wall is a separate bedroom that can accommodate a two-and-a-half-foot mattress. It can be used as a guest room, a nanny’s room, or as a separate space for the children when they grow up. It can also be customized depending on the purpose and living room space. Make partitions of the same size, such as two feet, three feet, three and a half feet, etc. any size. There is a 16-inch-high tatami in the compartment. The tatami can be used to store seasonal clothes and suitcases, which is very space-saving. A comfortable mattress placed on the tatami becomes a comfortable sleeping area.

Secret door design is modern aesthetics~

In recent years, more and more guests want to use secret doors to separate rooms. The so-called secret door, also known as invisible door, refers to a design that integrates with the environment, allowing the door to function as a shield when it is closed, and can be easily opened when needed. One of the ways to make the house larger is to reduce the door frames and handles to prevent the space from being cut into pieces. This is also a design that is more in line with modern home aesthetics. Customers who know their taste in life like the design of secret doors, and wooden strips and secret doors are a very common combination, because the cracks of the secret door can be perfectly hidden under the wooden strips.

Wooden slats and breathable windows are the best partners!

Hidden in the middle of the wooden strips is a breathable window. Except for the looming breathable window that can be seen from the front, because the wooden strips themselves have the characteristic of thickness, you will not notice the existence of the breathable window at all when looking from the left and right sides of the living room. Naturally. I wouldn’t have guessed that there would be rooms in the back! The design of this wooden strip with breathable windows is not only beautiful and unobtrusive, but also allows the compartments to maintain air circulation, so customers like this design very much.

The compartments have ample storage space

A partition is not just about creating an independent space in the living room. The partition also needs to have supporting facilities for the room, such as storage space. The bedside table can be used to place personal belongings, books, and bags, so that you don’t have to go out of the living room to get things, which is more convenient for guests or nannies. Of course, the vertical space on the wall cannot be wasted. Install a hanging rack to hang clothes and coats that have been worn or prepared for the next day, so that you don’t have to sleep with the clothes and put them out of the living room.

If you also want to customize a nanny room/partition, or similar style wooden feature walls or furniture, please feel free to contact us.





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