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Create a Japanese-style home with a floor

Japanese home style has become very popular in Hong Kong in recent years, especially among young homeowners. They are very fond of Japanese-style design. In addition, there is insufficient living space (the floor area is not large, but the space on the ground floor is relatively abundant). Therefore, Platforms with powerful storage functions have become a design that many people will consider adding when decorating. We have customized floor furniture similar to Japanese tea rooms for many customers, which not only added storage space but also added a small corner of a Japanese tea room in their homes, whether they are enjoying leisurely time alone. It’s perfect for afternoon tea time or having a sumptuous dinner with the whole family during holidays.

Powerful storage space and transformed into a toy corner for children

The standard 400mm high platform can store large suitcases and large plastic boxes purchased in Japantown. It can help you hide all the debris in your home, large and small, without any appearance of clutter. It is a perfect solution for customers to solve storage problems. problem. For families with children, just lay a soft cushion on the floor and put a few pillows to create a play area for the children. Let them turn this self-contained space into a toy corner.


The lifting platform allows you to enjoy the tranquility of making tea anytime and anywhere

Japanese people are accustomed to sitting on tatami mats since childhood, but Hong Kong people are always accustomed to having a table and stools when dining, so they can sit comfortably. Therefore, we built a lifting platform for the guests in the middle of the floor. When it is raised, there is just enough space under the backstage. Putting your feet up, sitting on the floor is like sitting on a dining chair, and the height of the lifting platform can also be adjusted, making it suitable for family members of different body types. The height of the tabletop can also be adjusted to meet different needs, such as painting, Do homework, make tea, eat, etc.

Cushions and pillows that are not usually used can be stored under the lift table, because there is still a lot of storage space next to the lift table bracket! In this way, you don’t have to worry about running to other places to move cushions every time you want to use the lift table. .

Make more stairs to make it easier to go up and down

The standard platform with a height of 400mm is a height that most adults can step on in one step. However, sometimes when holding meals or in families with elderly people and children, the steps will be smaller, so we all stand next to the platform. A first-level staircase is designed so that each step only requires a height of 200mm. Even children and the elderly can easily go up and down, so that the whole family can enjoy this comfortable little corner.

Combined with wooden slat screens, it feels more Japanese-style.

If you want to keep a little more privacy in your Japanese-style tea room, you can order a set of wooden slat screens in front of the floor to make the entire space feel more Japanese-style. The wooden slat screen is not a completely sealed design. It can be ventilated and transmit light without greatly reducing the sense of space. It can also achieve a looming beauty.

No problem transforming into a guest room at any time

The floor is the tatami in Japanese homes. In addition to being used as storage and daily living space, it can also be a place to sleep and rest after placing mattresses and quilts. It can be transformed into a guest room at any time. The floor storage boxes are all made of fine-core solid wood plywood, which is strong and durable and will not shake after several turns, so you can have a good sleep comfortably!

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