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If you want to watch movies or TV in the bedroom, what can you do? The method is to tie it to the end of the bed and make a bedside TV cabinet. The hollow space of the TV cabinet can be made larger, so that the TV can be hung on the back panel of the TV cabinet, and the normal storage space can be used below, as shown in the picture with a flip-up door. The top cabinet of the TV cabinet is made of ordinary double doors.


If there will be an aroma diffuser or humidifier placed in the bedroom, you may wish to consider making a hollow cabinet. Of course, the location of the hollow needs to be determined according to the height of the electrical appliance to be placed.


And if you like to categorize your clothes, you can customize a row of cabinets and buckets as shown in the picture. The size of the cabinets and buckets can be determined according to the type of clothes that need to be stored.


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