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The bedroom is the space that children use most at home, so a clean and comfortable bedroom is very important for children’s physical and mental development.

Choose the room color based on your child’s preferences

When choosing the color of a room, the traditional situation is to consider the gender of the child. For example, a little girl’s room is suitable for pink and pink purple; while a little boy’s room is suitable for pink blue, green. And bright gray, blue, yellow colors, etc… But now is an era of gender equality. It is not necessarily necessary to choose colors based on gender. It is better to let children choose their favorite colors, which will help children grow appropriately.

兒童房的上下床, 碌架床連樓梯櫃

Bunk beds for children’s rooms, loft bed home stair cabinets

Cutout patterns and special shapes add interest to the bedroom

For children, the bedroom is not just a piece of furniture, but their playground, and the loft bed is a large playground for them to jump up and down. Therefore, the bed frame is designed with some hollow patterns and special shapes, such as roofs, circles, etc. Shapes and cloud patterns can add interest to the bedroom.

兒童房的上下床, 碌架床連樓梯櫃

Bunk beds, loft bed and stair cabinet in children’s room

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Large lighting surface allows natural light to shine into the bedroom

Sunlight is used as indoor lighting during the day, retaining the largest lighting surface of the window, making the room brighter and brighter, and the resulting changes in light and shadow patterns make the bedroom space active. Therefore, natural lighting is essential in interior design, which can not only make the furniture more beautiful The texture is more varied and can incorporate natural flavor, which is a positive help for children’s growth.

兒童房的上下床, 碌架床連樓梯櫃

Bunk beds, loft bed and stair cabinet in children’s room

Use windowsills to create a quiet little corner for play

In addition to retaining the maximum lighting surface in the room, you can also create a quiet corner for the children on the windowsill, covered with soft cushions and pillows, so that they can quietly read, draw, and enjoy playing time.


Use your bedroom window sill to create a quiet little play corner

If you also want to customize the furniture for the children’s room, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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