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榻榻榻米 地台床連衣櫃 窗台櫃 窗台櫃 衣櫃 油壓床/地台床 油壓床 地台床

Many people think that the Northwest is far away and feels like a rural area, but in fact, the Northwest has characteristics that cannot be found in urban areas. The biggest feature is of course the low property prices, followed by the good living environment. Let’s take a look at the master room of this Kingswood Villas. From the master room, you can see a green scenery, and the wind blowing is full of countryside atmosphere. The master room is also very practical. After a large wardrobe is built at the end of the bed, there is still a lot of space in the room. The second room can be used as a floor and a TV cabinet can be added to the bedside. Although it may seem impractical to have a large window sill in the master room, after building a window sill cabinet, you can make use of this space. Put a cushion on it and rest on it, which is very comfortable.

If you are interested in this set of furniture and would like to know the approximate order price, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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