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Children’s bed with earthquake resistance of 10,000

This time we will introduce to you our children’s bed with an earthquake resistance of 10,000. The reason why we say this is because our children’s bed has a roof, a tree house structure, which surrounds the headboard of the upper bed. In the event of an earthquake and the ceiling falling upstairs, a certain degree of protection can be provided. It should be said that Hong Kong is not located in an earthquake zone, but it is traditional Chinese wisdom to prevent disasters before they happen 😀

This tree house bed uses white as the main color and its simple design makes the small room feel small, and the light is very bright. In addition to a lattice bed on the upper floor, we also made a bedside cabinet for storage. The lower level is a large hydraulic bed with a platform. The platform used up every inch of space in the room. Because the door was through a sliding door, even the space at the door was stolen and used to make steps and a platform. The standard height of the platform customized by our company is 400mm high, while the steps are 200mm. Our Shimen store has displays, and everyone is welcome to visit. If you need to order a hydraulic bed or treehouse bed, please contact us.





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