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No matter how tasteful a master room is, it is not as important as a practical design. Of course, the most perfect thing is to create a beautiful and practical master room!

1. Arrange the wardrobe and bed cleverly to avoid “opening the door and seeing the head of the bed”

The master room is not only a resting place, but also the owner’s private space. The placement of the wardrobe and bed is used to form an L-shaped circulation line to avoid “opening the door and seeing the bedside”, so that the owner can comfortably enjoy the time in the bedroom.

睡房地台床連床頭櫃, 衣櫃

Bedroom with bedside table, wardrobe

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2. Brown glass cabinet door, looming romance

Glass has high permeability and can open up closed spaces. Using brown glass cabinet doors in a small master room can not only create a sense of transparency, but also retain the privacy of the wardrobe, with a vague romance, which immediately improves the quality of the wardrobe. . In addition to colored glass, Changhong glass has also been a very popular choice for cabinet doors in recent years, with a rich feel and hazy beauty.

睡房地台床連床頭櫃, 衣櫃

Bedroom with bedside table, wardrobe

3. Install light strips next to the platform to create a warm atmosphere

Lighting is an important element in creating an atmosphere for a space. In addition to the main lights in the bedroom, appropriate lighting strips can be installed beside the floor and bedside tables. Soft indirect light sources can help create a warm atmosphere.

4. Abandon handles for more beautiful storage

The floor design can instantly hide the clutter in the bedroom. Generally, the flip-up cabinet doors on the floor will use rotating handles. However, some people do not want any handles to make the floor look more beautiful and flawless. In this case, you can Opens with a suction cup.

睡房地台床連床頭櫃, 衣櫃

Bedroom with bedside table, wardrobe

If you would like to order furniture for the master bedroom, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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