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If you want to add a Japanese flavor to your bedroom, a Japanese-style checkered screen is a must-have. This time we used this feature to separate the dressing table in the master room from the corridor. Even if the door of the master room is opened, the owner will not be directly visible putting on makeup.

The material used for our screens is really cool cloth, which is not easy to penetrate. It can be wiped with a damp cloth and patted vigorously without any problem. The frame material is pure solid wood, and the structure is solid and solid.

Although there are many oblique corners in the room, we can still fully use up all the space. We made an oblique dressing table at the oblique corner. The dressing table is equipped with cabinets and pull shelves to store different items. Bottles and jars of various sizes. On the other side of the screen is a built-in wardrobe. The door of the wardrobe is in a light color, which contrasts with the darker wood grain color of the Japanese-style cabinet body, further emphasizing the Japanese-style feel.

For the floor, we have made a three-level design. The first level is designed at the door to facilitate the owner to get on and off. The second level is the platform next to the bed. The door panels of this platform are all designed with no handles. When walking on the floor, It won’t scratch your feet, it won’t easily trap dirt, and it’s easy to clean and take care of. The third level is the bed box. We have added light strips on all four sides of the bed box. The switch of the light strip is located on the left side panel of the bedside table. It uses a round button, which is small in size and does not affect the appearance. The lights on the floor and bedside tables are mainly white, making it easy to read books in the room. If the attentive guest can see that there is a thin terrace outside the master room, we made a small step in front of the terrace, so that it is more convenient to enter and exit the terrace.

If your room has a lot of bevels, columns or arrays, and you want to make full use of the space, you are welcome to contact our designers.


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