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Suspended bedside table

The suspended bedside table is the highlight of the bedroom. It is simple in style and equipped with two small drawers, which is convenient for guests to place scattered items. In addition, the rounded corner design ensures the safety of guests when using it.

睡房亮點 - 懸空床頭櫃, 簡約型格兼備
Bedroom highlight – suspended bedside table, simple and stylish

Bed storage space

The custom-made platform bed has flip-up storage and drawers on the outside to meet the different storage needs of guests.

地台床有上翻式儲物空間, 向外那邊亦有抽屜, 適合不同需要
The platform bed has a flip-up storage space and drawers on the outside, suitable for different needs.
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End of bed storage cabinet

The locker near the mattress has a push-down door, which eliminates the need for handles. You can put items in without fear of dust accumulation or being kicked down while sleeping. There is an open shelf in the middle of the locker, which is just opposite the line of sight on the bed. It is suitable for placing some exquisite decorations or small items that need to be seen, such as small clocks. The top double-door wardrobe is made of white boards. Making cabinet doors can reduce the pressure caused by tall cabinets.

睡床床尾的儲物櫃, 有下翻式櫃門
The locker at the end of the bed has a flip-down door
睡床床尾的儲物櫃, 中間的開放式層架可作展示之用, 而最頂的雙門衣櫃選用白色板材做櫃門可以減少壓迫感
The storage cabinet at the end of the bed and the open shelf in the middle can be used for display, while the top double-door wardrobe uses white boards as the doors to reduce the feeling of oppression.

built-in wardrobe

The wardrobe doors and frames should be in a color close to the wall to make the bedroom look more spacious.

入牆式衣櫃採用貼近牆身的顏色, 可令睡房看起來比較寬敞
The built-in wardrobe uses a color close to the wall to make the bedroom look more spacious.

The same series of furniture extends to the living room

Use the same series of furniture throughout the bedroom and living room to unify the style of the entire home and make the environment more harmonious.

同系列傢俬延伸至客廳, 統一整個家的風格
The same series of furniture extends to the living room, unifying the style of the entire home.

If you want to customize similar platform beds and storage cabinets, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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Book Cabinet

C-Shaped Cabinet





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