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1/3 of life is spent sleeping, and the comfort of the bedroom and bed is definitely something everyone should pay attention to! The bedroom is small? The spacing is not square enough? Want a lot of storage space and a big bed? Learn the following 5 ways to make your bedroom larger immediately, which will greatly improve the practicality and comfort of your bedroom and make your life more comfortable.

1. Use tatami mats to develop upwards

For example, in our bedroom case this time, we chose a design with tatami mats and storage beds for our guests. All the space in the bedroom can be used to avoid the problem of gaps between the ready-made bed frame and the wall and window sill. Making full use of space can also prevent dust and debris from falling into gaps. The bottom of the storage bed and the tatami can provide a lot of storage space. Sundries, seasonal clothes, and suitcases can be easily stored. At the same time, as long as you calculate the thickness and weight of the mattress when customizing the storage bed, you don’t need to spend a lot of effort. Opening the storage bed makes storage and retrieval very convenient.


Bedroom storage bed and wardrobe

2. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe

The wardrobe is also a very important piece of furniture in the bedroom, especially for the hostess. To create a wardrobe with the maximum capacity in a limited space while retaining transparency and space for the bedroom, a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe would be a good choice. When customizing a wardrobe, you can add accessories in the cabinet according to your personal needs, such as storage baskets, jewelry storage boxes, lifting clothes rails and trouser racks, etc., so that the storage of clothes, accessories and sundries becomes orderly, so every morning You can easily get the clothes you want to wear.



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3. Bring in natural light and views outside the window

Natural light is an important element that keeps us physically and mentally healthy, so introducing natural light and the scenery outside the window into the bedroom, soft and sufficient light intersperses in the room, not only extends the sense of space, but also creates perfect proportions, and also allows us to Physical and mental health. In order to allow the most natural light to shine into the room, it is best not to place tall furniture near the window. Try to retain the light transmittance and field of view of the window, so that the small bedroom can become a larger room.

4. Use a headboard instead of a bedside table

When the bedroom space is limited, a headboard can be used instead of a bedside table to leave as much space as possible for a mattress or tatami. When you sleep in a spacious bed, you will naturally feel that the space is doubled, and your sleep quality and mood will be improved. In addition to a smooth headboard, you may also consider a headboard with irregular lines or a theme wall design to add interest to the bedroom and show your personal style.


Featured headboard design

5. Choosing multifunctional furniture Choosing furniture with multiple functions is definitely the only way to make the room larger. For example, installing a lightweight and convenient hidden folding rotating ironing board and a rotating sliding smart LED light fitting mirror in the wardrobe can solve both problems. It is also very convenient to use according to the different daily needs of guests in the bedroom. It can be stored without occupying the activity space in the bedroom, making the bedroom larger in disguise!


If you also want to make your small bedroom larger, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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