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The bedroom area is obvious, but the location of beams, columns, doors, and electrical controls often limits your choices for placing furniture. Instead of spending time constantly browsing furniture stores without finding suitable ready-made furniture, it is better to find a good piece of furniture and customize it to the perfect size!

The platform bed perfectly bypasses the door and pillar positions

The bedroom in this case is facing restrictions on the door position, concave position and electric control position. A ready-made bed may not fit perfectly into the concave position, but a custom-made platform bed will do. The master will help during installation. The gap between the platform bed and the wall is closed to prevent dust and debris from falling into the gap, making it easier to take care of.

Custom platform bed with wardrobe

Get the most storage space

Because part of the outward-facing side of the platform bed is blocked by the door, the entire length cannot be customized into drawers. Therefore, when ordering, we also specially divided it into flip-up storage boxes and drawers to ensure that every space under the bed can be used. Every inch of space becomes storage space.

Custom platform bed with wardrobe
Customized platform bed with wardrobe to maximize storage space
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Straighten the bedroom space with a wardrobe and platform bed

As mentioned earlier, the bedrooms in this case have different recesses, which greatly affects the layout of the room. When customizing furniture, you can pay attention to using wardrobes and platform beds to straighten the bedroom space, making the remaining space square and smooth, and making the overall look and feel of the space more comfortable.

Custom platform bed with wardrobe

Customized wardrobes and accessories

The advantage of a customized wardrobe is that the partitions and accessories of the wardrobe can be customized, such as clothes hanging channels, storage baskets, safes, and hardware with different functions can be equipped, such as silent sliding doors, hidden full-length mirrors, etc.

Custom platform bed with wardrobe
Custom platform bed with wardrobe

If you also want to customize similar platform beds and wardrobes, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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