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油壓床 睡房傢俬 睡房吊櫃 床尾櫃 床尾吊櫃 吊櫃 書枱及地台床

The impossible becomes possible, use the air-conditioning outlet and door area for storage

Small rooms are inevitable in mainland China. If you want more storage space, you need to use your brain to make the impossible possible. This time, let’s take a look at this case with you, how to use the doorway and the air-conditioning outlet for storage.

This case is a relatively small room. We helped the guest rack their brains on how to fit the wardrobe, bed and desk into the room at the same time. The owner has a lot of clothes and wants a lot of storage space. Floor storage is an inevitable choice. A single hydraulic bed was built near the window, allowing the owner to stuff large suitcases and plastic boxes under the bed. The rest of the space is made into a storage platform with a roof. We made a desk in the corner and used the storage platform as a stool. Finally, there is the location of the wardrobe. We made wall cabinets at the head and end of the bed. The wall cabinets can be used to hang clothes. Since there is a transom for the air conditioner on the top of the bed, many guests think that a storage cabinet cannot be built, but in fact, only a movable storage shelf is needed. This storage rack can be removed by just loosening a few screws, without affecting the replacement or repair of the air conditioner. At the same time, the locker at the end of our bed just reaches the 60-degree opening of the door, taking up all the space in the door. Although the door cannot be fully opened, in Hong Kong where space is limited, every extra inch of storage space is worth an inch.

If you also want to create a room with maximum storage capacity, you are welcome to contact our designers.


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