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A picture tells you how to create extra large storage space in a modular bed

Want to have extra large storage space in your modular bed? The method is actually very simple, that is, make all the space of the lower bed into a wardrobe. The wardrobe can use the entire depth of the bed for storage, so you can have a large storage space. But it should be noted that if the wardrobe is as deep as the entire bed, it usually costs extra. In addition, a neutral board needs to be added in the middle of the wardrobe, otherwise the structure may be unstable on the side. At the same time, it is best not to make the wardrobe shelves into one piece. You can cut them in half in the middle and divide them into two parts, the front and back, so that the innermost space and the outer space can be used independently, and things of different heights can be placed. It is generally recommended to use sliding doors for this wardrobe door, because sliding doors are the most space-saving and will not occupy the corridor space behind the modular bed. At the same time, the stairs that go up the bed can be made into a movable hanging ladder, so that if you need to enlarge large items into the wardrobe, you only need to take the hanging ladder away. If you still have space left after putting a modular bed in your room, you can follow our example and make a desk by the window to use up the space in the room. If you also need to customize a modular bed with extra large storage space, we welcome you to contact our designers immediately.





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