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Are modular beds only for children? of course not. Many Hong Kong families have limited space, and siblings still sleep in modular beds when they grow up. Of course, the color preferences of teenagers and adults for modular beds are different from the choices they made when they were children. If you want to customize a modular bed that keeps up with interior style trends and is attractive, the gray and blue color scheme is quite good. .

Keep up with color trends

The strong contrast between black and white is stylish but may not meet most people’s comfort requirements for a bedroom. All white or light wood grain, simple but very common, may not satisfy customers who want a special style. In recent years, gray and blue have become very popular in the interior design field. Using these two colors in the design of bed combinations in the bedroom is a solid and stylish color scheme that both men and women will fall in love with.

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Light on top and dark on bottom to enlarge space

The use of dark and light colors directly affects the sense of space in the bedroom. Use light gray for the upper lattice bed and dark blue for the lower lattice bed. The “light on top and dark on the bottom” color scheme makes the room more open visually and will not cause a sense of oppression.

Flexible use of space for double and double beds

You can pull out the double bed at any time to have an extra bed, so you can sleep comfortably when relatives and friends stay over, and you can sleep on the sofa without having to bend over!

Or a family that currently has only two brothers and sisters but plans to have one more child can also consider the design of a double bed and plan three beds in advance without taking up floor space.

If you want to customize a modular bed/L-shaped bed/upper and lower lattice bed, please contact us.

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