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Aluminum frame glass sliding door design that combines Japanese style with modern style

Modern style and Japanese style are both very popular interior design styles nowadays. In addition to single-style designs, many people also like to mix and match styles, combining modern and Japanese styles, such as sliding doors, wooden slats and other Japanese elements. , and at the same time, it has the modern and fashionable elements of aluminum framed glass doors. This time I’m going to share with you a room design with aluminum framed glass sliding doors!

Why use aluminum framed glass doors?

Aluminum frames are available in two texture options: matte and gloss. Both look very high-end and fashionable, and aluminum frames can be made much thinner than wooden frames, so the shapes of aluminum-framed glass doors can be more varied. If the frame is made of wood, because the strength of wood is far less than that of aluminum, the wood frame usually has to be thicker and wider, and the glass part will be reduced, which will affect the lighting and aesthetics. On the contrary, the frame edges of aluminum-framed glass doors can be as small as 1-2cm, and the parts that are more pleasing to the glass in appearance can also be maximized to increase lighting.

Glass sliding doors are used to design rooms without flexibility!

If you want to add more rooms to your home, or if you want to separate bedrooms in an open space, and there are no windows in the bedrooms, there is no choice in designing the bedrooms with glass sliding doors. Glass sliding doors can introduce light into the room. Inside, natural light can shine into each room in the morning and afternoon, so there is no need to turn on the lights 24 hours a day, saving energy and money. Of course, a room with glass sliding doors is more suitable for singles and families of two, or it can be used as a studio. After all, the privacy of glass is not as good as that of wooden doors. If you want to improve the privacy of your room, you can choose frosted glass or Changhong glass, which has a looming and invisible effect.

The sliding door room is combined with the floor to create a larger storage space

The room this time is designed with a floor, so using a sliding door is far better than a sliding door or a folding door, because the sliding door only opens and closes left and right along the aluminum frame, unlike sliding doors and folding doors that have the opportunity to block the opening. Floor unveiling. In this way, the floor of the entire room can be opened, making it easier to access things. Opening and closing the door will not affect the family’s ability to organize the items on the floor.

The transparency of glass increases the sense of space throughout the house

Transparency is a characteristic of glass and is difficult to replace with other materials. The area of ​​small and medium-sized units is not large, and it becomes even narrower after the rooms are separated. The transparency of the glass can avoid the obvious division of visual space in the home due to the rooms, thus increasing the sense of space in the whole house. The transparency of glass also makes it easily integrated into various design styles, adding a refreshing touch to the home.

Silent buffer sliding door rail improves the quality of life

The top of the aluminum frame hides the sliding door track hardware with buffering and silent effects, making the glass sliding door very smooth and smooth when sliding, and there is no noise at all. You can enjoy a quiet life and improve the quality of life!

Multi-color aluminum frame selection

Do you like the aluminum frame sliding door design, but don’t like the black frame? It doesn’t matter, we have 7 aluminum frame colors to choose from, including skin white, jade gray, brushed gold, moonlight gray, starry coffee, violet blue and skin black. Different colors have different styles, allowing you to freely match them to create your ideal style!

If you are interested in customizing aluminum-framed glass sliding doors or using sliding doors to separate rooms, please feel free to contact us. Our Shimen showroom has aluminum-framed glass sliding door rooms on display. Welcome to visit and experience it.





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