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Customized children’s bed VS ready-made modular bed

When many parents prepare a children’s room for their children, they are confused whether to make it a custom one or buy a ready-made bed. In fact, both customized and ready-made beds have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on your needs and requirements.

訂造兒童床 VS 現成組合床

Customized children’s bed VS ready-made modular bed

Is the board of the customized children’s bed poor?

Some parents are worried that the quality of the boards of customized children’s beds is not good, and they cannot determine the quality of the boards before production. There will be an unpleasant smell after installation, or they are concerned about formaldehyde exceeding the standard, so they would rather choose a ready-made children’s bed. In fact, the most important thing for customized system furniture is to choose a reputable furniture store. All the boards selected by Good Light are E1 grade solid wood plywood, which meets the ultra-low formaldehyde standard. It is also durable, anti-bacterial, insect-proof and moisture-proof, making it very suitable for Taiwanese families.


Are ready-made modular beds too cheap?

Price must be one of the main considerations when choosing furniture. It is undeniable that ready-made modular beds are relatively cheaper because they can be mass-produced, but the quality of the boards may require cheaper sugarcane boards/reinforced boards/particle boards/dense boards.

The price of a custom-made bed is more expensive than a ready-made bed, but a custom-made bed can fully fit the layout of the bedroom and use up all the space. Even if the bedroom is not square enough, it does not matter. There is a closing service after installation, so the furniture can be completely attached to the wall to avoid dust accumulation. and debris falling into the gaps. Moreover, the plank, color and texture of the customized bed can be freely selected to match the style of the whole house.

Customized beds actually have more benefits than ready-made beds, so the price of customized beds is actually higher in CP value.

睡房的上下床, 碌架床連衣櫃和書枱

Customized bunk beds, loft bed, wardrobe and desk

More flexibility with ready-made modular beds?

The biggest advantage of some ready-made modular beds on the market is that they can change the design of children’s beds according to different ages and living environments. For example, buy a single bed first and then turn it into a play yard (semi-loft bed) or loft bed when the child grows up in a few years. Even if you have a younger brother or younger sister, you can add bunk beds. However, this change is limited to buying it in the same furniture store. If the furniture store no longer sells the same modular bed after a few years, the existing modular bed cannot be “transformed.”

When customizing children’s beds, designers usually consider the children’s growth needs when designing the matching of bedrooms, desks and wardrobes, such as movable shelves, extendable desks, etc., which can be used flexibly according to different needs. Their flexibility Not at all lower than a ready-made modular bed.

睡房的上下床, 碌架床連衣櫃和書枱卧室的上下舖,高Bed, wardrobe and desk

Customized T-shaped wardrobe uses every inch of space

When customizing a children’s bed, you can customize the wardrobe and desk at the same time. The cabinet body can be made into different shapes according to the layout of the room. In addition to the familiar C-shaped and L-shaped, it can also be made into a T-shaped shape to use up the room. The position above the door and the top of the window will not affect the door opening and window ventilation. If a clothes hanging rod is added at the end near the window, it can be used to hang school uniforms, coats and other worn clothes.

睡房的上下床, 碌架床連衣櫃和書枱, 訂製T字衣櫃用盡每一吋空間

The bedroom has bunk beds, a loft bed plus a wardrobe and desk, and a customized T-shaped wardrobe makes use of every inch of space.

睡房的上下床, 碌架床連衣櫃和書枱, 訂製T字衣櫃用盡每一吋空間

The bedroom has bunk beds, a loft bed plus a wardrobe and desk, and a customized T-shaped wardrobe makes use of every inch of space.

If you also want to customize a children’s bed for your children, you are welcome to contact us at any time.





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