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Modern style TV cabinet, with top, middle and bottom as the main lines


Wall cabinets can be made with lift-up doors like in our furniture showrooms. Our lift-up doors are equipped with hydraulic levers on both sides, which can achieve a stop effect and facilitate access to things in the wall cabinets.


The left and right sides of the background wall of the TV cabinet can be made to have a light-penetrating effect, increasing the sense of space on both sides and making the TV cabinet look more domineering~!


Our background wall is made of a marble slate, but due to the limitations of the elevator, there will still be slight seams if you look closely.


We opened a square opening on the background wall to use as a floor cabinet for threading. All lines are hidden behind the background wall.


We designed the corners of the TV floor cabinet with rounded edges to prevent the protruding floor cabinet from hitting your feet.


We made two large floor cabinets on both sides of the floor cabinet, which can store manuals or remote controls and other items. It can also be changed to double doors to make full use of the space.

Key elements to achieve a modern style TV cabinet

Today’s TV cabinets are beginning to take a simple route, without too many decorative lines or irregular design shapes. What many people like the most is the “top, middle and bottom” design. So the top, middle and bottom are wall cabinets, background wall and floor cabinets.

1. Wall cabinet

The design of the wall cabinet can be in the form of a flip-up door or a side-by-side door, which mainly depends on the guest’s usage habits. Of course, the cabinet doors can also be decorated with some simple lines or decorated with black mirrors. The height of the top cabinet can be chosen to reach the ceiling or leave part of the space empty as a light trough to allow light to penetrate upward.

2. Background wall

The design of the background wall mainly adopts two directions: large and flat. The materials used can also be chosen in a variety of ways, including wooden strips, soft cushions, black mirrors, stone surfaces, and pure wooden boards. Taking the TV cabinet in our showroom as an example, we used marble-patterned slate as the background wall of the TV. Note that due to the size restrictions of the elevator, general background walls will have interfaces. If you can’t accept it, you may want to consider not making stone surfaces. The thickness of the background wall will depend on whether cables need to be routed within the background wall. In minimalism, we would like to hide all the messy TV wiring. This will look cleaner. In our TV background wall, we opened a 160X60 threading hole in the stone door. The TV cable can pass through this threading hole into the space of the TV floor cabinet below, so that no TV can be seen from the front. If you don’t want to thicken the TV background wall, you may have to embed a wiring pipe in the wall before decorating. In this way, the wire background wall only needs to be opened at appropriate locations. Note that you need to ensure that there is enough space in the conduit to allow the entire plug to pass through, because the TV plugs are generally 50X50, and the threading is usually from top to bottom. The main reason is to use the help of gravity to allow the plug to pass through. Can be placed vertically downward. Light strips can also be added on both sides of the background wall to increase the ambient atmosphere.


3. Floor cabinet

Floor cabinets can be designed in different ways, basically floating to create a modern style. In our showroom, we made drawers on the left and right sides, and then used an open shelf in the middle. In fact, the floor cabinet can also be made into a glass sliding door, such as a black glass or clear glass sliding door, which can be opened to both sides. The suspended TV floor cabinet can be equipped with light slots underneath. Floor cabinets can also be equipped with glass surfaces to increase the reflective effect.






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