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Have you checked whether the bed legs of the deformed furniture you buy can automatically lay flat?

At present, there are more and more applications of deformed furniture in real life. It can greatly save space. At the same time, because it is fully automated, it is not particularly troublesome, so it has become the choice of many open units now. So What issues do we need to pay special attention to when purchasing?

First: Whether the foot of the bed can automatically level.


Nowadays, when buying deformed furniture, you must check its quality. What many people are most concerned about when buying deformed furniture is whether it looks good and whether the material used is strong… Of course, these are also very important. But whether the foot of the bed is flat is a very critical factor.

Because when you use it, if the feet of the bed cannot be placed flat, or if it has an inclined angle, it may not be particularly safe for sleeping. Some bed legs are not level due to hardware or board problems, and may make a lot of abnormal noises, affecting the sleep quality of sleepers.

When you actually use the deformable furniture, you may also find that the bed’s feet are uneven and will move frequently, and it will not be particularly stable. It is recommended that you find out whether it can automatically level the bed’s feet before purchasing. Our transformable furniture is inspected for levelness by dedicated personnel before leaving the factory to ensure that the bed legs are 100% level.

‍‍Second: Whether it can be operated by a single person.

The relatively high-quality transformable furniture currently made can be operated by one person without any problems, but some products are relatively bulky and require two or more people to operate, which is very inconvenient in daily use. In fact, as long as it is equipped with a moderately powerful hydraulic device, opening and closing will become much simpler.

‍‍Third:‍‍Combination method.

In addition to the levelness and opening and closing methods, what else do you need to pay attention to when buying a transformable bed? That is the different combinations of transformable furniture. For example, some have top cabinets and some do not. Some have a lot of storage, and some have very few storage compartments. Also, its bed box storage function, etc., and what is its mattress application? These combinations involve important storage functions. Using functions requires special attention!

‍‍In addition, its hardware is very important, such as ‍‍mattress, baffle, bed foot, rib strip, hydraulic air rod, and related parts of electric control. It is recommended that you take a closer look.

Especially for children’s deformed furniture, we need to pay more attention to these issues, because deformed furniture used by children has higher safety requirements. Generally speaking, it is better if the hardware is thicker and made of better materials.

Thinner ones may not be so stable. Nowadays, the better deformed furniture is fixed with hexagon socket screws, elastic straps, fine air pressure and bed feet, which will make it difficult to use in daily life. The application process is very safe, very convenient, very worry-free, and the load-bearing capacity will be relatively high.

Basically, the load-bearing capacity of deformed furniture can reach more than 500 kilograms, and high-quality deformed furniture can reach more than 800 kilograms.


Our deformed furniture has the characteristics of being stable, single-person operation, high storage capacity, and thickened load-bearing frame. If you are also interested in ordering deformed furniture, please feel free to contact our sales staff.


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