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What method can be used to create a space that has both a sofa and a bed? The method is to make a set of transforming beds. With the transforming bed, when friends come over, there is no need for a sofa.


In fact, IKEA’s buildings are getting thinner and thinner, and almost all of them are built into open-plan units. The convertible bed is actually one of the must-have furniture. A transforming bed can easily help you transform the space in your house, turning one room into two rooms, and two rooms into three rooms.


The characteristic of our transforming bed is that the cabinets on the left and right sides and the top can be freely customized. It can be manufactured according to the on-site dimensions and made into the wall, with the edges sealed to make it truly spotless. The colors of each part can be freely selected and matched to create a harmonious and unified home. Although the surrounding furniture can be freely customized, the size of the bed is fixed. The bed can be selected in two sizes: 3 feet X 6 feet 3, 4 X 6 feet 3, and 5 X 83 feet. The color, number of seats and size of the sofa under the transformable bed can be freely customized to help you truly use up the space in the room.


Our convertible bed is available in manual and electric versions. The price difference of the electric version is only $2,000. If you don’t want to have to pull it by hand every time you open the bed, you can choose the electric model, which can fully open the bed with one button.


If you want to customize a custom-made bed for your home, please feel free to contact our designers immediately.





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