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What I introduce to you this time is a double-layer deformable bunk bed with sofa. It is very practical. A small space can be used for rest and entertainment, and it can also be turned into a sleeping space for two people. The upper lattice bed of this transformable bunk bed can be completely folded up on top of the sofa, and the upper bed is even equipped with a surround, allowing you to sleep comfortably in the middle of the night. The lower bed looks like a sofa, but in fact, it can be turned down to become a single bed at the back, and the mattress is also stored in it. It is a veritable sofa bed. After closing it, the entire space will be covered. Become corporately clean. The sofa is made of fabric and leather, and the soft backrests are removable and washable, so you don’t have to worry about it even if you have children at home. Our boards use standard E1 low-formaldehyde boards to protect the health of your family members.


The design of this bed may seem complicated, but in fact, you can imagine it is a combination of two traditional flip-side invisible beds, one above the other and placed in parallel. The ladder for this bed needs to be stored independently. Our transformable beds and sofas are available in a variety of styles and colors, feel free to talk to our designers.





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