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This multi-functional transforming bed can help you enjoy unprecedented enjoyment in a small space. It can be transformed from a study/living room/dining room into a bedroom or guest room in 3 seconds. Transformable beds are one of the most space-saving pieces of furniture currently available. The versatile combinations allow you to use up every inch of space and make your room larger, while also giving your relatives and friends a place to stay. The bed can be made invisible at any time, reducing the chance of dust collecting under the bed. No more quarrels between the two parents-in-law over cleaning.

A major feature of this invisible bed is that there is a bookshelf in front of the invisible bed. The bookshelf can be kept horizontal when the transforming bed is turned down, so that you do not have to take away the things on the bookshelf, making your life more convenient. Our deformed furniture uses a special two-way hydraulic buffer device to allow you to open and close freely. Tests have proven that the pneumatic rods of our deformable beds can withstand high-intensity expansion and contraction for more than 30,000 times, while maintaining silent movement and stable pressure. At the same time, our cabinet boards use special E1 environmentally friendly boards to truly protect the health of you and the people in the house. The thickness of all boards is more than 18mm, which greatly enhances the supporting capacity, allowing your deformed furniture to be used for ten or twenty years without any problem.


Benefits of custom deformed furniture

The advantage of customization is of course that the design style can be whatever you want. You can choose matching, bookcases, wall cabinets, wardrobes, etc. Divide the cabinet into different areas so that the sundries in the home can be placed in an orderly manner, so you no longer have to worry about a messy home. The color of each cabinet can be freely selected to help you create a warm home.


If you also want to customize a transforming bed, without further delay, contact our designers to talk.


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Deformation bed combination


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