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This time we customized a deformable furniture for the guest in the living room that can be transformed into a sofa and a bed. The hardware of this deformable bed adopts a high-precision hydraulic device. You only need to use both hands to tilt the storage shelf downwards and fix the slats. It will be pulled out, continue to pull down, and a large bed will be pulled out. Finally, the large bed will be balanced with the ground, and the storage rack will become the support plate of the large bed, and can also continue to be used as a storage rack. This design is space-saving and practical, and is very suitable for a single person in a small living room. The size of the transformable bed can be a 4-foot bed, a 5-foot bed, or a 6-foot bed. The furniture will be directly fixed to the wall with pop-out screws to prevent the entire cabinet from being pulled down when the bed is lowered. After being lowered, the backrest of the sofa can be placed at the head of the bed and used as a pillow. A desk and an open wall shelf are added next to the transforming bed, and on the far right side is a large 4-door wardrobe. A small space is well-organized with a bed, sofa, wardrobe and desk, maximizing the practicality of the space. All boards are made of solid wood core plywood. The boards are strong and durable, can withstand 10,000 opening and closing times, and can withstand more than 1 ton of tensile force both horizontally and vertically.

In addition, the color of the sofa can be freely chosen to match the color of the space to create a harmonious and coordinated space. The sofa and backrest are made of high-resilience sponge, which can repeatedly withstand 100kg of pressure 1 million times without deforming. The cushion of the sofa is removable and washable, making it easy to clean. Especially in homes with children, a removable and washable sofa becomes particularly important.


If you also need to customize deformed furniture for your home, please feel free to contact our designers.



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