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In recent years, many customers are particularly interested in customized tatami when decorating, because tatami not only provides a large amount of storage space, but can also be used as a rest area, leisure area and other different purposes, making one room multi-purpose.

However, many people think that our tatami is just an ordinary tatami. In fact, the two are different. Traditional Japanese tatami is just a layer of floor mats or cushions placed on the floor, while our tatami is elevated, so you can put it inside. Things, so some people call it a storage floor, are more practical than traditional tatami mats. Because Japanese home style has long used this two-tatami design at the same time, people have such misunderstandings.

A corner with a tatami is indeed very practical. With the addition of two transformation magic weapons, the electric lifting table and the transforming folding bed, it can maximize the use of space. It can be transformed into a living room, study room, guest room, and entertainment room in just a few seconds. , one room with multiple uses.


Tatami design plus deformable folding bed and electric lift table

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1. Electric lift table

If you want to sit on the tatami and write work or eat comfortably, an electric lift table can meet your needs.

Not everyone is accustomed to kneeling on the tatami and dining at a low table like the Japanese. The electric lift table can be raised. After raising, the space under the table can be extended into, eliminating the need to kneel down for dining or working and studying. It will also be more comfortable.

When the table is not needed, lower it back to the height of the tatami, which will not occupy the activity space at all, allowing the space to be used more flexibly.


Tatami design plus deformable folding bed and electric lift table

2. Transformable folding bed

The deformable folding bed is also called an invisible bed. When it is not in use, it just looks like a decorative panel on the wall. When it is needed, it flips down to create an extra bed. The folding bed frame has built-in cushioning gas struts. It does not take much effort to turn the bed down, and it has a gentle balance when landing and folding up, so you are not afraid of getting your hands or feet caught or damaging the tatami.

In addition, there is a storage function above the folding bed, which can make better use of space.


Tatami design plus deformable folding bed and electric lift table

If you also want to customize a transformable folding bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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