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Worried about the trouble of climbing up and down from the loft bed? Hard to climb the ladder in the mid-night? The custom-made furniture combination of tatami platform and wall bed is suitable for you. By mastering the characteristics of each type of furniture, one room can satisfy several life styles and realize US-style space saving.
The platform and the high cabinet perform their duties
Many people think that both the platform and the floor and high cabinets are storage functions, but they can be used to store different things to maximize their respective storage functions. Therefore, before customizing furniture, you might as well use the platform and high cabinets to make the room more comfortable. At the same time, there is storage space without being too oppressive.
The platform is designed to store large items that are not commonly used, such as luggage, seasonal clothes, toilet paper and other daily necessities. The high cabinets are mainly used to hang clothes and put good-looking knick-knacks. The clothes are easy to take, and the knick-knacks can become the focus of the room, allowing people to feel the taste of the owner when they walk into the room!

Custom-made furniture integrates different functions

Japanese-style homes often have a small Japanese room. Even if there are not many guests at home, the whole family often gathers in the Japanese room to chat and relax. Some of the U.S. apartment are generally small, It is really impossible to create another space similar to a Japanese room in a space other than the living room or bedroom, but custom-made furniture can integrate different functions into one, even if the house is small, All can have a relaxing little corner. One of the grids on the platform is actually an electric lifting platform. When it is raised, the whole family can enjoy tea time and play board games together. It is also convenient for parents to accompany their children to study. When guests visit, it becomes a comfortable space to greet friends. The focus is to achieve unlimited functions in a limited space!

Single and double beds can also be hidden on the wall

Although the platform can also be a platform bed for sleeping, many people still like the feeling of sleeping on the bed frame and thick mattress, so many customers will add a wall bed as a real sleeping space even if they make a floor. Single bed and double bed, from 3 feet to 5 feet, can be the wall bed style. For this design, a 4-foot wall bed is made, and two people can sleep without any problem!

Is it completely impossible to see that there is a double bed hidden in the room when the bed is folded against the wall? Because the electric turning bed is used here, there is no need to add handles at all, so that the appearance looks more uniform and beautiful. However, if you want to make an electric wall bed, pay attention to reserve sockets near the furniture, because the electric wall bed needs to be connected to the electricity to operate. If you want to customize a manual wall bed, it is also possible, as long as a handle is added to the cabinet, the double bed can also be easily turned out.
The wall bed is easy to operate, and it is a great design for daily use or as a guest room. When not sleeping, as long as the wall bed is put away, the entire floor space can be used to the full, matching different life styles.

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