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This time we customized a set of built-in deformed furniture for our guests. The main color is white, which greatly increases the sense of space in a small open space and highlights the strong Nordic style. This set of transformable furniture integrates the functions of a wardrobe, living room storage cabinet, bed frame and sofa, fully embodying the multi-purpose characteristics of transformable furniture and greatly improving the space utilization of the unit. At the same time, we made good use of the height advantage of this unit and tried to attach the cabinets to the ceiling, greatly increasing the storage space in the living room. We left a little space on the top of the cabinet to make a light trough, and placed a light strip on the top of the cabinet to reflect the light and relieve the sense of oppression caused by the huge cabinet. If you have noticed, we made an open storage shelf next to the sofa so that customers can easily store remote controls or phones, and can also be used to place some small decorations. One of the great features of our transforming furniture is that all the cabinets next to it can be tailor-made according to the actual size, storage requirements, and color preferences of your home. This is something that ordinary finished furniture cannot do.


If you also want to put a customized set of deformed furniture in your home, please feel free to contact us for measurement and quotation.

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