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Queen’s Hill Estate, located at 66 Lung Ma Road, Kwan Tei, Fanling, is one of the large-scale public housing estates newly opened in recent years. The estate provides a total of more than 8,800 units in 7 blocks. Queen’s Hill Village adopts a butterfly-shaped building design, with 32 units per floor and construction areas ranging from 150-380 square feet. If you want to create a comfortable home, you need to spend some money to customize the whole house furniture! Good Furniture offers custom-made furniture for the entire house, starting at $12,000, and the styles and colors can be freely matched and customized.

Whole house furniture design for Huangle Building in Queen’s Hill Village

This time I will take you to see the design case of Huangle Building in Queen’s Hill Village. The original decoration did not have a separate room, so the customer chose to use a wardrobe under the bed and a bedroom cabinet to separate the living room into two independent sitting areas. The bedroom cabinet is also a storage cabinet in the living room, and a custom-made one is installed on the other side. Turn the bed so that everyone in the family can have their own private space.

The deformable flip-up bed opens up the living room to create a sense of space

The transformable bed is a very useful design for small units. For example, the flip-up bed chosen by the customer this time is customized by the window. After being folded, it can open up the living room space. The bed can be turned down when sleeping. It can also be matched with fabrics. Curtains increase privacy and flexibly use the common time inertia of furniture to create a more spatial home environment.

The concave desk is practical and does not block light

There is a window in the alcove on the other side of the living room, which can be used as a desk for work and storage without blocking the light. The two rows of cabinets and bins on the side of the desk can store a lot of odds and ends in the living room.

Entrance shoe cabinet makes good use of space

The entrance is facing the main door, and there is a kitchen door on the left. The small space is just perfect for putting a shoe cabinet, so there is no waste of space! The hollow design of the shoe cabinet is convenient for storing keys, masks and other small items. There is a shoe changing stool next to it. It is safer to sit low and slowly put on and remove shoes. There are multiple full-length mirrors on the back, so you can dress up before going out. It is beautiful!

If you want to customize the whole house furniture, please contact us. We can provide you with an immediate quotation, or you can visit the Shimen store to negotiate with the designer.




Living Room

Loft Bed With Wardrobe


Staircase Cabinet


wall bed

Bunk Bed


Altar Cabinet

Shoe Cabinet

Murphy Bed


Transforming Furnitures


C-Shaped Cabinet

Bedroom Cabinet

Dressing Table




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