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HK$3,400 起

    注意: 成品衣櫃不設師傅上門度尺服務,客人需自行度尺,如現場環境無法順利送貨及安裝,將不設退換


    收貨後需與客服聯繫另行預約師傅上門安裝的時間 (注意送貨及安裝並不能安排同日進行)


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Supplementary Info

The wardrobe is made of 18mm thick multi-layer solid wood plywood, which has excellent load-bearing capacity, is moisture-proof and scratch-proof, and is strong and durable.

Most of the wardrobes will be placed in the bedroom. To protect the health and safety of our guests, we use E1-level low-formaldehyde environmentally friendly ecological boards, which can be used by pregnant women or infants at home.

The environmentally friendly boards are ready to use. There is no unpleasant smell of formaldehyde. There is no need to wait for the smell to dissipate before use. It is convenient and fast.

The surface of the multi-layer solid wood board is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be cleaned directly with a damp cloth and detergent. The smooth glass door can be easily cleaned, making maintenance more convenient.

The standard wardrobe has a total height of 2.1 meters and can be tucked under the beam. This wardrobe is suitable for most room layouts in Taiwan.

If you want to use up the entire floor space, the wardrobe with top cabinets has a total height of 2.58 meters to gain more space for storage.

Glass-door wardrobes give people the feeling of a high-end fashion store. In addition to making the space feel better, they can also add a touch of luxury to the room.

The upgraded and thickened 5mm explosion-proof tempered glass cabinet door has 3-5 times higher impact strength than ordinary glass. It has both beautiful and sturdy functions, and the smooth surface is very easy to clean.

Clothes hanging in the wardrobe are usually made of thickened aluminum alloy, so even if you hang coats and thick clothes, they will not deform or bend.

The shelves and cabinets are both 18mm thick, making it easy to store winter clothes and quilts.

The metal door frame of the wardrobe door shows a modern light luxury style, which goes well with the light luxury interior design style that has been popular in recent years. Our ready-made wardrobes are available with gold and black metal frames, both of which are very easy-to-match colors.


The glass door can be made of transparent gray glass or brown glass, which can be customized to suit your personal style.

The wardrobes are available in 2-door, 3-door, 4-door, 5-door and 6-door wardrobes. They are composed of a shelf area and a clothes hanging area to facilitate the storage of different types of clothes.

The white cabinet body with golden door frame is elegant and noble, and it is the favorite style of girls.

The gray wardrobe with black frame is in line with the style and suitable for boys.





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